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Code of Conduct

De fabrieken waar Chaos and Order mee werkt, hebben de Code of Conduct getekend. Hieronder vind je de inhoud van deze Code of Conduct.



Chaos and Order: Supplier Code of Conduct.


To be accepted as supplier or subcontractor manufacturing products to Chaos and Order I/S you have to comply with our principles on Social Responsibility.

It is the supplier’s responsibility to inform the subcontractor on his/her obligations to comply with the principles on Social Responsibility.

Any violation oft he Chaos and Order Supplier Code of Conduct can lead to an immediate determination of the cooperation.

  1. Working must be voluntary

The use of forced labouris forbidden, and employees shall not be kept in locked premises nor shall their freedom be restricted in any other way. No compulsory deposits of money or identitycards etc. shall be demanded from employees as security against work, and they shall be free to resign their employment within area sonable term. The supplier must not use any illegal workers, nor any kind of forced, bonded or prison labour.

  1. Rights of association and collective bargaining shall be assured

Employees shall have the right to join legal trade unions and to form them, and to bargain collectively for their working conditions and terms.If national legislation restricts the forming of unions or if they do not exist for some other reason, the employer shall enable the use of a company-wise negotiation mechanism.

  1. Safe and hygienic workingconditions

Employees shall be provided with a safe and healthy working environment and no physical, mental or sexual harassment shall be permitted. Health and safetyrisks and accidents shall be prevented both in the short and longterms. Employees shall be given workhealth and safetyt raining on regular basis.

The workingspace shall be sufficient according to the numbers of workers and the employees should at all times be protected against any risks involved in performing their work.

Employees shall have access to potable water, clean sanitary facilities and when necessary a storage place meeting health regulations for their own food.

The employees shall have access to toilet facilities. Sanitary conditions shall be satisfactory and kept clean. The indoor area shall be fitted with windows that can be opened and the area shall be circulated adequately with air

Depending on the local climate the area must have adequate air condition and /or radiators.

The employee must at all times be protected against noise, air pollution and other factors that represent any damage to their health. The supplier shall provide protective equipment against damages to hearing, sight, respiratory passages etc. The employees must wear gloves and safety boots in the relevant areas in the production unit.

The supplier must ensure that the handling of dangerous and/or toxic substances is made at no risk for the employee. The storage of dangerous and/or toxic substances must be stored safely and separately in locations with adequate ventilation.

  1. Safe and hygienic lodgings.

The lodgings arranged for employees shall also be clean and safe and they must meet the basic needs of male and female employees.

The lodgings shall be based in a building separated from the factory building and shall meet the minimum legal requirements of space per employee.

The lodgings must have a sufficient number of toilettes and showers, have access to drinking water and shall be sufficiently ventilated.

There shall be fitted with a firealarm and a sufficient number of fire extinguishers.

  1. Child Labour shall not be used.

The minimum ages hallnot be lower than the age of completingcompulsoryschoolattendanceand not lower than 15years(14years in certain economicallyless developed countries).If children younger than this arecurrently employed, they shall be protected against all forms of abuse,and a transition plan shall be prepared fort hem to ensure their educational end financial safety until they are adults.

Children and young employees (under 18years of age) shall not be kept at work, which is hazardous to health or otherwise hazardous, nor at night work.

The supplier shall at the moment of contracting the employee verify the age of him/her, and the supplier shall at anytime be able to verify the age of an employee.

  1. Wages hall be sufficient to meet basic needs

Employees shall be paid at least the minimum legal wage or a wage that is specified in acollective labouragreement that is binding on the employer, which ever is greater. The wage shall always be sufficient to meet the basic needs.

Wages shall be paid directly to the employees, and the wage calculation shall be comprehensible for the employees. Wage garnishment shall not be used as a disciplinary method. Withholding wages is not allowed under any condition.

The supplier shall comply with current law concerning wages, compensation for overtime and payment procedures.

  1. Workinghours shall be reasonable

The regular working hours shall not exceed 48 hours and overtime 12 hours per week, unless lower limits have been specified in national legislation.Overtime is voluntary and temporary, and higher wagerates shall be applied to it.

Employees should have theright to apaid annual leave and 24 hours of consecutive rest per week

  1. Working shall be based on fixed employment

When work is of continuous nature, it shall be based on a fixed contract. Employers shall not evade their legal social security and other obligations related to the employment contract by, for instance having employees work at home on inferior terms, or using apprenticeship training contrary to the regulations.

A signed working contract must be available for all employees.

9    Employees shall not be discriminated

Employees shall not be discriminated because oft heir race, origin, skin colour, sex, religion,

political opinion, marital status, tradeunion activity or the like.This includes recruiting, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement. All of which shall be based only on the employee’s ability to do their job.

  1. Extortion and bribery are strictly prohibited

All forms of corruption, facilitation payments, extortion and embezzlement will not be accepted in any form.If such activities take place, it will result in immediate termination of the business relationship. We expect the highest standards of integrity in all business interactions.






We hereby confirm the reception of the Chaos and Order Supplier Code of Conduct. We confirm that we have read and understood the following 11 Articles of the Supplier Code of Conduct. 

  1. Working must be voluntary
  2. Rights of association and collective bargaining shall be assured
  3. Safe and hygienic working conditions
  4. Safe and hygienic lodgings
  5. Child Labour shall not be used
  6. Wages hall be sufficient to meet basic needs
  7. Working hours shall be reasonable
  8. Working shall be based on fixed employment
  9. Employees shall not be discriminated
  10. Extortion and bribery are strictly prohibited

We understand and accept that Chaos and Order is entitled to cancel orders and/or discontinue the cooperation if we do not comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct.

We grant Chaos and Order access to check out the production facilities as well as the lodgings of the employees at anytime.


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